No More Fake Tan Failures, Say Hello to Melanotan 2 – The Instant Tanning Drug

As bodybuilders, we spend a lot of time in the gym training. This sometimes means we don’t have time to bathe in the sun to get that killer tan. During summer, your muscles don’t look amazing unless they’re heavily tanned? So what do you do, spend less time in the gym and get a tan? You could, but then your muscles won’t be as great. Here’s the solution.

Melanotan 2 is the hit new drug in the US, which can be bought over the internet freely, and may be available at your local pharmacy. It is incredibly affordable, and is sold as tablets. The initial Melanotan drug was injected into the abdomen, whereas tablets are much easier to take, making it much more accessible to the general public.

Before you take any drug, regardless of how amazing it is – it’s important to know the upsides and downsides of the drug, within this article we’ll explain it all to you.


fake-tan-failuressTan: This is obviously the main benefit, and the main reason we would want to take this drug. It has the ability to give you a great, even tan, which looks just as if you sat in the sun for hours. This makes your muscles gleam in the sunlight, and makes you appear much more attractive. Rather than getting a fake tan, which leaves you looking orange and streaky, Melanotan Peptide can simply give you the perfect tan, for roughly the same price.

Easier: Melanotan 2 simply requires that you take a tablet daily, which is much easier than fake tanning yourself. Especially when you consider the mess that can be caused from fake tan, meaning orange bedsheets.

Sun Protection: If you have darker skin, you are less vulnerable to the harsh UV rays of the sun. This means your tan will be able to protect you from sun burn as you parade your chiselled body around the beach. This means it really is just like a real tan.

Libido: You will notice an increased libido once you start taking this drug, which means you can perform like a champion in the bedroom. This drug can also be taken by women, meaning you both can perform amazingly.


As with all drugs, you should take them responsibly. Here’s a few tips.

Dosages: Make sure to take the correct dosage which is stated on the drug packaging. Taking more tablets won’t give you a better tan, and won’t increase your libido further. It will actually make you feel ill, nauseous and you may vomit.

Retailers: Make sure you always buy the drug from a reputable retailer, even if it is a little more expensive. This way you know you are buying the correct drug, and that it hasn’t been tampered with. This is the best way to keep safe.

Who is Melanotan 2 Designed for?

You’ve probably already heard a fair amount of information about this hit new drug, that claims to instantly tan your body all over, while helping you lose weight. It’s hard to believe that a single pack of tablets can achieve all of this, but this is the truth. Many studies have been conducted around this drug, and all of the studies have proven to be rather successful. It’s hard to see who it has been designed for, but let’s discuss who it can benefit.

Bodybuilders: Bodybuilders spend a lot of time in their local gym, this is how they manage to keep their bodies in tip-top condition. Their lifestyle requires that they spend hours in the gym each and every day, to keep their muscles just as large, and to fine-chisel their bodies to perfection. Unfortunately, this means they can’t always find time to get a tan in summer. We all know that bodybuilders bodies look a lot better with darker, tanned skin – so this can be a difficult dilemma for many bodybuilders. Luckily, Melanotan 2 has the perfect solution. Simply spend as much time in the gym as you want, while using Melanotan 2. It will give you the perfect tan, thanks to the synthetic peptide hormone within the drug, which can affect the pigmentation of your skin in a great way, by darkening your skin tone to give you a great tan.

Fitness fanatics: Yes, you read that right, Melanotan 2 also has another effect. It reduces your appetite, causing you to lose weight indirectly. This is an amazing effect of this drug, and when you add in the fact it can give you a great tan, you really can achieve the perfect summer body with Melanotan 2. It means you can drop the excess pounds much quicker than ever before.


Everyone: The fact that Melanotan 2 can provide you with the perfect tan with none of the dangers of UV rays, is simply amazing. If you want a tan, why not try Melanotan 2 instead of bathing in the sun for hours on end? It is also impossible to get sunburn with this supplement; as darker skin is less vulnerable to uv rays. So you get the perfect tan with Melanotan 2, and it will gradually top itself up in the sun, without you worrying about getting sunburn. This means you can live your life as normal, without having to apply Factor 50SPF sun lotion every day. This also means you save money, by not needing to buy sun lotion!

As you can see, Melanotan 2 isn’t specifically designed for anyone in particular. Although, it can benefit a huge variety of people. It can also increase your libido, which can help you perform better in the bedroom, and also can help some people with minor erectile dysfunction. Overall, Melanotan 2 is the perfect supplement for summer, and can help everyone in a variety of ways.

Melanotan 2 – The Hit New Drug

You’ve probably heard a lot about Melanotan 2 in the media recently, as it has earned the label “Barbie doll” drug. This is because of the wonderful trio of effects it can provide. It is an optimized version of standard Melanotan, meaning the effects are much more reliable, and occur much more quickly. This makes it perfect for bodybuilders and other fitness fanatics, giving them a much darker tan, and aiding them in losing weight much more quickly.

What is Melanotan 2?

It is a synthetic drug, which replicates the melanocortin peptide hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland. This drug simply gives you a much higher dosage of this hormone, making the effects much more powerful. It is completely safe, as long as you buy from a reputable retailer.

The Effects

the-hit-new-drugsTan: It has the ability to give you a great tan, without having to spend any time in the sun. This is a great effect of the drug, as tanning yourself in the sun can be dangerous, and you may get skin cancer later on in life from this. Why waste your time and risk your life tanning in the sun? When one simple drug can do all of that for you, safely? It really is a no-brainer, especially considering the tablets are extremely cheap.

Libido: You will definitely notice an increased libido, which is a great effect. If you’re wanting to step things up in the bedroom, Melanotan 2 can help you. This can also be useful if you have trouble maintaining an erection, it can help you keep going. This drug can also be used by men or women, so if you wanted to – both of you could take it!

Weight Loss: The drug doesn’t directly cause you to lose weight, instead you will notice a reduced appetite. As you will be eating less, any excess fat will soon burn off, rather than clinging to your body. This means you can use this drug before summer, and get that body you’ve always dreamt of. It will help you lose weight and give you a tan, what more could you possibly want?

How to Use Melanotan 2?

Melanotan 2 is sold as tablets, which is much easier than injections. The main way of consuming the original Melanotan was to inject the substance into your abdomen, this could be a bit awkward, and a lot of people have a fear of needles. The tablet format makes it much more accessible to everyone, so you can enjoy it all summer long.

Get that killer tan to highlight your fine, chiselled body in the sun. Lose those excess pounds to get the body you’ve always wanted. The sky really is the limit with Melanotan 2, the magical trio of effects make it perfect for busy people, who don’t have the time to get a tan.

The Benefits of Consuming Peptides for Bodybuilders

Those who decide to become bodybuilders and compete in specific contests must face a lot of challenges, not only physically but mentally as well. Apart from their countless hours spent at the gym perfecting even the tiniest muscle of the body, people who do bodybuilding as a living must also take good care of their overall appearance. From trimmed and luscious hair to Hollywood smiles and a perfectly tanned skin, every aspect of their bodies is taken into the smallest detail until it reaches perfection. However, being constantly perfect is a struggle and, apart from the high amounts of money required, it also takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to tanning.

All bodybuilders know that they cannot compete in any beauty pageants if they do not display a perfectly tanned body, which is usually obtained through fake tanning solutions and paints. But, apart from spending lots of time, some fake tan solutions will wear off on clothing, look unnatural and might not have the desired results for the required period of time.
For all those bodybuilders struggling to get that perfectly tanned body, Melanotan is the perfect solution.

What is Melanotan and how to use it?
consuming-peptides-for-bodybuildersMelanotan is an artificial hormone or peptide injected into people’s bodies to gradually tan them without actually exposing themselves to the sun or sun UV. Both men and women with fair skin types that would like to enjoy a darker skin shade, but without exposing themselves to the harmful sunrays are invited to inject this hormone into their skins and see the benefits after only one shot. Everyone could achieve outstanding results without overdosing on this hormone or use it more than necessary. For best results it is recommended to ask a personal trainer or a fitness instructor before taking the first dose.

Melanotan’s effects last up to one month after finishing the injection treatment, making it extremely reliable for bodybuilders who want to enjoy a tanned complexion all year around. It is also recommended to start with a higher dose for achieving instant results and then gradually decrease the intake until stopping the treatment.

The benefits of using peptides and Melanotan in particular
After years of clinical research and studies it was proved that Melanotan is safe for use for all people, regardless of their physical condition or gender. Apart from skin pigmentation and turning even the fairest complexion into a sun kissed one, Melanotan also counts for the following benefits:
• Saving time. Using this peptide is a safe method of tanning without exposing yourself to harmful sunrays and UV from synthetic tanning beds or natural sunlight. This way bodybuilders and not only can enjoy a perfectly tanned body no matter the month of the year.
• An increased sex drive and erectile functions for men. Similar to sunbaths, by taking Melanotan shots you will notice an increased libido or sex drive. Men will also enjoy from better and long lasting erections, determining an overall boost of sexual intercourses, both for men and women.
• Increased appetite. Bodybuilders all over the world already enjoy Melanotan in order to increase their intake of proteins and build stronger, better looking bodies.