Melanotan 2 – The Hit New Drug

You’ve probably heard a lot about Melanotan 2 in the media recently, as it has earned the label “Barbie doll” drug. This is because of the wonderful trio of effects it can provide. It is an optimized version of standard Melanotan, meaning the effects are much more reliable, and occur much more quickly. This makes it perfect for bodybuilders and other fitness fanatics, giving them a much darker tan, and aiding them in losing weight much more quickly.

What is Melanotan 2?

It is a synthetic drug, which replicates the melanocortin peptide hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland. This drug simply gives you a much higher dosage of this hormone, making the effects much more powerful. It is completely safe, as long as you buy from a reputable retailer.

The Effects

the-hit-new-drugsTan: It has the ability to give you a great tan, without having to spend any time in the sun. This is a great effect of the drug, as tanning yourself in the sun can be dangerous, and you may get skin cancer later on in life from this. Why waste your time and risk your life tanning in the sun? When one simple drug can do all of that for you, safely? It really is a no-brainer, especially considering the tablets are extremely cheap.

Libido: You will definitely notice an increased libido, which is a great effect. If you’re wanting to step things up in the bedroom, Melanotan 2 can help you. This can also be useful if you have trouble maintaining an erection, it can help you keep going. This drug can also be used by men or women, so if you wanted to – both of you could take it!

Weight Loss: The drug doesn’t directly cause you to lose weight, instead you will notice a reduced appetite. As you will be eating less, any excess fat will soon burn off, rather than clinging to your body. This means you can use this drug before summer, and get that body you’ve always dreamt of. It will help you lose weight and give you a tan, what more could you possibly want?

How to Use Melanotan 2?

Melanotan 2 is sold as tablets, which is much easier than injections. The main way of consuming the original Melanotan was to inject the substance into your abdomen, this could be a bit awkward, and a lot of people have a fear of needles. The tablet format makes it much more accessible to everyone, so you can enjoy it all summer long.

Get that killer tan to highlight your fine, chiselled body in the sun. Lose those excess pounds to get the body you’ve always wanted. The sky really is the limit with Melanotan 2, the magical trio of effects make it perfect for busy people, who don’t have the time to get a tan.